Youth Exchange “Spread the Culture”, 12 – 19.03.2022, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany

The “Spread the culture” youth exchange was held in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany from 12-19.03, 2022, and was attended by 42 young people from 6 organizations in 6 countries: Germany – Youth 4 Sustainable Development Lubeck, North Macedonia – Youth Council Next Generation, Spain – Backslash, Serbia – Udruzenje Mladih Zvonce, Bulgaria – Sdruzhenie Evropeyski Proekti V Blgaria and Turkey Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi.

This project was an opportunity for young people to learn and share information about their culture. Through this project, they gained the practical skills to teach other young people about the common ground that all different cultures have. On the other hand, they learned to see cultural differences as a treasure of humanity. The activities focused on explaining cultural forms, traditions, or cultural expressions we have nowadays as the result of cultural interaction and cultural mixing in the past, in order to experience something new. In this way, we strengthened their knowledge about how the present society has been formed, based on the past.

Through this project, we aimed to help the participants gain skills and become carriers of a positive mentality in a tolerant and open society that will appreciate its culture.

The activities included games, interaction, role-playing games, drama, non-formal and informal learning methods, making videos, group activities, etc. These activities were used as tools by the participants, together with dialogue and discussion

During this exchange, the young people had the opportunity to learn a lot from the successfully implemented youth project and were introduced in detail to the Erasmus+ programme and all the opportunities it offers.

It is worth mentioning that the whole team was amazing and the participants had a great time together.

The participant’s free time was filled with interactive conversations, social games, dancing competitions, and intercultural evenings where each of the countries presented their traditional food, music, and culture in the best possible light.

Click HERE to see videos from the Youth Exchange

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