We Can Do It: On the Way to Social Entrepreneurship


ERASMUS+, KA1 Erasmus+ Youth

We Can Do It: On the Way to Social Entrepreneurship


Applicant partner: Network for European Citizenship and Identity Cyprus

The project “ We Can Do it: On the Way to Social Entrepreneurship” was financed by Erasmus Plus KA1 and National Board of Cyprus was implemented between 21-30/10/16 in Larnaca Cyprus. The participants were 22 youth workers from programme countries:

NECI Cyprus,

NECI Romania

NECI Malta

Avrupa Vatandasligi ve Kimligi Dernegi Turkey

European Crossroads Spain,

Youth Club Active Estonia,

Stowarzyszenie Zamojskie Centrum Wolontariatu Poland

Bulgarian Youth Association,

Vilkaviskio vaiku ir jaunimo centras Lithuania

The objectives of the project:

During and by the end of the 13 months period of the project we aim to assist our youthworkers:

  1. To increase awareness on social inclusion and equity;
  2. To increase awareness on and experience the importance of non formal learning as

a tool for enhancing social inclusion;

  1. To improve and develop basic key competences (social, digital, L2L-SDL, languages,

reflection) for their personal and professional development;

  1. To share and suggest successful practices of non formal methods for developing social entrepreneurial skills;
  2. To help participants to be more aware of, and discuss the value of Erasmus +: Youth program;
  3. To help participants acquire high-quality Youthpass Certificates;
  4. To create new future cooperation and increase the visibility of the results of Erasmus+;


We applied activities based on NF methods (role plays, simulations, outdoor research and field interviews, debating, iceberg theories, presentations, reflection and comfy groups,  flash mob). We have invited Guest Speakers from other NGOs with specialization on Research and entrepreneurship (CARDET ORG). Also we provided opportunities to participants to design and deliver short term energizers and sessions (ex. Youthpass)

The Training Process:

(a) At first we increased awareness on social inclusion through several activities and empower the social development of our youthworkers.

(b) Afterwards we worked with and for them, by implementing sessions on self development techniques, basically using reflection techniques (self awareness, self confidence, self analysing, Mandala, Tree of competence and River of Life).

(c) The next stage was to combine social inclusion through NFL with reflection. Therefore by this time we provided the youth workers with tools for enhancing their own, and their society, development (social inclusion importance, NFL ideas, experiential learning, reflection, the will to change).

(d) The next level was to present and get into the theory of Entrepreneurship through simulated situations. During these sessions we promoted the development of creativity. We started by defining and making it more explicit what is entrepreneurship about and then we moved to basic skills and attitudes that are needed in order to be more successful entrepreneur (Public speaking, Debating etc).

(e) The next step was to foster their involvement into social entrepreneurship by using all the previous ideas, steps and techniques from the sessions. For this, we kept using NFL techniques, invited a guest speaker from CARDET and studied real time examples (the example of Mohamad Yunus, Scott Harrison, Jacquie Berglund, etc.)

(f) For the last days we proceeded with more activities based on their own new improved or developed competences where they will organize flashmob bearing the t-shirt of the project and implemented it in Phoinikudes street, organzed a Project Idea Bazaar, and worked on a project video.

Results and Evaluation:

The final evaluation of the Activity shows the following results per the fulfilment of the objectives:

– Training in general: 85%

– Objectives fulfillment: 87,2 %

– Social inclusion session: 90%

– Entrepreneurship sessions: 80%

– Social Entrepreneurship sessions: 95%

You can find more information in the website of the project and in this document.










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