Type of activity;  KA1Youth Exchange

Venue; Istanbul, Turkey

Planned dates: 21-30 September 2019

Countries involved; Sweden, Turkey, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

We had the opportunity for self-development in all the stages of campaign: preparation, implementation, evaluation and reflection. This was a relevant skill nowadays for young people since it helped to break up barriers for public performance, public speaking, group and teamwork, leading and planning, debriefing and evaluating results. Besides this, we had also an international experience, get to know other cultures and traditions better, break stereotypes and promote common understanding, multicultural dialogue and activism of young people on a local, regional, national and international level. We connected both topics we were interested in and combined them together to find a way for better future of us and the Earth.  The project linked to the objectives of the Erasmus Plus programme and Key Action 1. Youth because it aims to:

1. enhance inter-cultural awareness of participants and promote solidarity and active youth participation;

2. improve and strengthen the knowledge, skills and behaviours of participants to support, foster and promote environmental protection and sustainable management;

3. provide a safe space to establish effective intercultural learning and dialogue between its participants as well as to explore the connection between the lack of intercultural understanding and the emergence of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination;

4. improve the intercultural and social skills of young people and youth leaders as well as their competences to manage and work with diversity in all its forms;

5. encourage youth to active participation in socio-ecology life on local, national and European level and empower them to be agents of change in the society;

6. create pro-active attitudes towards water, coastal and beaches protection;

7. promote Erasmus+ Programme as a tool to work on ecological issues and development of soft skills of young people, the opportunity for reaching and enabling active participation of disadvantaged groups of people and the possibility for youngsters to take the action.

Youth Exchange was held from 21-30 September 2019in Istanbul, Turkey. In this Youth Exchange took part 60 participants coming from 8 countries (51 young people + 9 youth leaders) and a project coordinator from hosting organisation. During the Youth Exchange leaders coordinated workshops led by participants.

We used non-formal methods such as brainstorming, discussions, mind-maps, energizers, ice-breakers, team-building, using art, pantomime and theatre, road tables, group work, group and individual reflections, preparing promoting materials (flyers, postcards, posters, memes, graphics), making a speech and presenting in front of the group, doing desk-research, preparing and implementing campaigns, doing Infographics, planning follow-ups, facilitating intercultural nights, organising photo sessions, visiting local sustainable business and meeting local activists and stakeholders.

The project was financed by Swedish National Agency Erasmus+;

MUCF: Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor

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