Reflection Diaries and Workshop

Curso de formación en Larnaca, Chipre


The first day and activities were about meeting other members of the group. For me especially, it is very important these kinds of activities because I forget names very easy and when I learn with games and enjoy it are easier to remember.

In the second day, we began to speak about the topic. We began with theoretical session and we had to plan classes and games. At this moment we began to control the activities. In my opinion, it is very interesting to create games or activities and later carrying out them. For this reason, these kinds of projects are different and very useful.

The possibility to go out to practice sport has been a good choice. For me, it has been an investment of time because here I have learnt about the difficulty of managing a group.

The activity in the refugees’ camp for me has been the strangest moment in the project. I think that for visiting these kinds of places we need to have an especial preparation. It is difficult to try to speak with people who don’t know their problem or their past.

Finally, I want to speak about the group. I have met an amazing people but the group hasn’t been much joined. The staffs in the project have been wonderful. Renos has shown a high capacity to learn and manage a group. He has demonstrated a high knowledge about the topic and he has been very flexible to adapt to the different situation in the project. Sandra is a very open mind person, it has been very easy to connect with her. Anna has always been attentive and available for all people. She has tried to facilitate our stay in Cyprus.


The whole training course was a huge experience, all the participants were really into doing new things and learning from them, and all the participants wanted to share and learn, so, first of all, we can say that this project was a success as a cultural exchange and as a intercultural learning.

The theme was unknown to me, I got some information about social inclusion but nothing compared with this.
I really liked the way the activities, theory and reflection were balanced but what I loved was the opportunity to develop our ideas and games and turning them into our activities.
I will highlight all the information and opportunities that we had, but I would like to do a special mention of the refugees camp visit.
That was a really immersive experience into what it is social exclusion and into the political situation in Europe.
It was life changing to go there and get to talk with the people and hear the stories, I would say that everyone should go at least once in their life. There is a huge difference between watching the refugees situation through the media and watch that in real life.
So thank you Renos, Sandra, Anna and the team behind for all, and thank you for this amazing project.

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