Dissemination – Ready Steady Go

The dissemination of the Project called, “Ready Steady Go” in which the main topic was social inclusion, took place in Torremolinos, Málaga (Spain), the main speaker was Alejandro Nievas who explained the topic in general and proposed several games and activities (such a teambuilding, role-playing, etc.) in order to raise awareness and increased social inclusion in the neighbourhoods of Torremolinos.

It consisted of 2 parts, the first one with adults mostly locals, and from Central and South America, which are one of the most present immigrant group in the town.The second part was conducted by one of the participants of the first part, who continued with the dissemination of the topic, and adapted it for an international group of young girls aged between 12- 14 year old.

Here you can find also the brochure for the project.

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