Power of Art

Power of Art

Association of deaf and hard of hearing Nova Gradiška is implementing another project under Erasmus+ Programme framework. The project was approved by Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes, which is responsible for implementing this program in Croatia.  The project is a KA 1 Learning mobility of individuals Youth Exchange under the title „Power of Art“ and its implementation started in February this year. The project will last until November 2018.

The project was developed in partnership between several European organizations, namely: Medias-Spekter from Slovenia, Backlash from Spain, Aktif Genclik ve Spor Kulubu Dernegi from Turkey, Asociatia D.G.T from Romania and AKTO from Portugal.

The project aims to provide young people from 6 European countries with the knowledge and skills needed to create meaningful artistic messages aimed at promoting the fundamental values of the EU, as contained in Article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty, and will bring together 37 participants. The exchange will take place in Nova Gradiška from 18th to 26th of June.

The objectives of this exchange are:

– Achieve inclusion of all young members of our society regardless of the difficulties they face (disability, lack of communication skills, economic and social barriers, living in rural area, etc.);

– Provide knowledge and skills that will help young people in the simple and effective expression of attitudes and in the fight for the changes they strive for;

– To contribute to the prevention of radicalization of youth in involved communities;

-Promote Erasmus + and youth mobility as a tool in fighting prejudices and stereotypes.

During the implementation of the activity, a public screening of short films that will be designed, directed and shot by participants will be organized in order to reach the local community, thereby affect a positive social change in our attitudes towards others and the different.

The long-term impact of the project on the target group will be achieved by increasing their competences and capabilities for easier detection of negative behaviors in their environment.

Ultimately, through the promotion on social networks and the organization of «Movie nights» in 6 countries, the project will contribute to raising awareness of the problem of radicalization of youth; and greater involvement of relevant stakeholders in solving it.

This will contribute to ensuring sustainable peace in the community of European countries.

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