‘Get on stage for social inclusion’ dissemination activity

On January 10th and as a part of the dissemination activities of the training course ‘Get on stage for social inclusion’ I organised a small workshop for one hour and a half inside the training ‘Monitor de Actividades de Tiempo libre- Plan AFD-2019/2020’.

It took place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and it gathered 25 young people from 20 to 23 year old.

During the workshop first I started explaining the context of the TC ‘ Get on Stage for social inclusion’, how it was funded and organised to move on to the different opportunities within the Erasmus + program: from youth exchanges to training courses and job shadowings as they might be more interested in it for the future. We mentioned as well ESC and we had a round of questions about technicalities.

After explaining the context I did with them some of the activities we tried while in Larnaca. First one we did was speaking on the phone with no actual words. I asked them to only used either numbers or blablabla. The purpose of the activities as it was explained when we first did it in the TC ‘Get on stage…’ was showing how much feelings we can get from the person speaking even if we don’t actually understand them. Once, more or less half of the group tried, we had a debriefing round where we talked about body language, voice tone, pause and so. It was good for all to realise how many small things are involved in communication and they even linked all of this to their future job as youth workers and how to try to be inclusive through our body language and from there we tackled little bit the topic of social inclusion and what they understood for that.

That second activity took longer than expected but I still have some time let so I divided them into two groups and asked to create a fixed image of two given terms: empathy and power The power one was easy both to perform and guess whereas with empathy one they struggled a lot in both senses. After that we went back as well to the point of power and empathy are related to inclusion.

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