Experiencia de Alejandro, Sara y Pilar en Larnaca, Chipre

Os dejamos con la experiencia de tres participantes, esta vez en un curso de formación Erasmus+ en Chipre!

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These days for me has been a wonderful and enriching experience, the team, as well as the participants, were amazing, I was able to learn a lot from there and even to make some real and strong friendship. I’m sure that the overall experience will surely help me greatly in my professional and personal life.
In general, all activities were very useful for me and I got a lot of new information that will surely be useful for me, especially the Simulations, study cases and forums theatre, were very impressive because help one to realise a lot of daily problematic situations and how to prevent and solve them.
To better understanding and identify the levels of inclusion, and how to process from denial to integration. To get rid of personal misconceptions and prejudices.
In addition, the tools showed in the project will be very useful in the future.
The refugee centre:
The visit helped me to bring me closer to the real problem and in some way, open my eyes to the reality that sometimes escape us. Also to be aware of the importance of all the people surrounding it (volunteers, staff, government, society, etc)


There has come the moment to think of 10 intense days of work!!
First of all, I must say that the project has satisfied all my expectations as for acquired knowledge as about experiences lived during these 10 days.

The first days with name games, teamwork, icebreakers I could have known a group, different persons come from different countries with the same achievement, to learn together about social Inclusion through our experiences in this field. We son got the base that guaranteed a solid base to be able to work both following days of the project and do it in an as fruitful as possible way. And to know also the equipment of trainers, an equipment of professionals that tried to teach us everything that they can, obtaining of us that all the participants worked by the topic with more knowledge and deeper way. With activities based on non-formal education, I could have learned to define and to go inside into the central topic of the project, the different scenes and stages that it have and his possible solutions.

With activities like role-plays or the forum theatre, I have had the opportunity to interfere in situations that Europe presents daily. Situations that can seem to you to be emotive and strong but that actually happen. Thanks to these activities I have been aware of the current problems that Europe suffers.

With the intercultural nights, I could have known the culture of other countries besides his traditions and to approach to countries that I am not lucky to know.

The opportunity to visit a refugee centre has been very productive and to be able to speak with the refugees on his experiences and worries has been very striking for mine. Really emotive.

Everything learned and shared in this training it will be very useful for my work with young people, Kids and adults too.

Thank you very much to the hostess association, without your full implication in the project this had not been possible. Perfect equipment and good structure of day after day.

My experience Erasmus Plus is once again, more than positive for myself.


This training course has been a really touching experience. I had the opportunity to share and understand better the situation of social inclusion (migrant, refugees) in Europe. I took advantage of this TC to increase my knowledge in the area of social inclusion and also to meet other cultures.
For me, the most powerful and interesting activity, apart from the refugee camp, was the theatre role we play. We had to be a refugee/migrant looking for a better life. I realised who difficult it was to be a migrant and also not take our wellbeing for granted.
It is my first experience in an Erasmus + programme and I really love the methods. It was interesting and useful learning in such an interactive way. I am used to learning which formal tools and it was a complete discovery for me.
Refugee centre
The refugee centre was a really enriching, touching and shocking experience. I really like it, we could speak with some refugees and others migrants. It let me be aware of the problem and also how huge is the refugee crisis now. It hard to describe the situation with words; people there feel mix feeling.

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