Developing by sharing – Cyprus 2019

2-10 April 2019.

Last April we had the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ project “Developing by sharing”. It was a Youth exchange and we were two weeks in Paralimni, Cyprus, living and working with participants from different cultures and countries. It was our first time participating in a project like this and it was a really interesting experience, we enjoyed it a lot!

We learned how this kind of youth encounter with Erasmus+ projects works, and we worked together to find commons problems in all our communities in order to develop the application to create new projects for youth that may help solve them through the promotion of social awareness. It was really difficult because many of us did not have previous experience in that kind of projects but we learned a lot through the experience of the other participants. The host organization gave us everything we needed and they did everything possible to support us and to make the most of the experience.

This experience has taught us a lot about other countries, we have discovered that we have similar problems and it is possible to work all together to find the solution through this kind of projects.  They gave us the opportunity to travel and discover a part of Cyprus, but most of all, we met a lot of wonderful people who have made this experience unforgettable for us and we shared different aspects about our countries, our typical food, traditions, dances…

Learning through these types of young exchanges is a great opportunity, we are very grateful to have been able to participate in it. We want to thank our sending organization Backslash and the project organizer Renos Georgiou and the whole team of Neci EU. Thanks for everything!

– “Our experience has been fantastic. We met a lot of people from different countries and we had the opportunity to learn about it.  The intercultural evenings gave us the opportunity to learn about their food, their typical dances and traditions and also we could practice English! We really enjoyed work on the topic of social awareness, in particular, I chose «social inclusion». Thanks for this unforgettable experience!”

– «This project has been a new experience for us, and we would like to repeat it for sure!  This kind of programs is a good way to improve English, to meet wonderful people and to learn about different cultures. It has given us a different perspective about social awareness showing us that we all have commons problems in our countries and we can work together on it!»

– «We really enjoyed the experience. We had never done a project like this before and it was very rewarding. We met incredible people with great values, full of energy and positivity. We have learned many things and we have improved our English and social skills. We would like to have had more time to know more about Cyprus. I recommend participating in that kind of projects for everybody!»

– “This YE was really interesting to us because we have acquired competencies to be able to develop projects with Erasmus+. We have also met young people from other countries and share experiences between us. We improved our English and it was created a really nice learning environment to work altogether. We are sure that we will repeat the experience as soon as we can and we will recommend other young people to take part in that kind of Erasmus+ Projects”

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