Developing By sharing: Reflection Diaries

Here you can find the reflection diaries of part of the Spanish team in the project Developing By sharing

David Navares

My experience in this project was really intense. There was a lot of activities that were hard for me because I had few ideas of what developing a new project implied. But now I can say that I feel better prepared and that I learned a lot of things. I gained new experience and got the opportunity of working in teams, which is always something challenging.

I am glad I came to Cyprus for this project. I’ve been really comfortable with the participants and facilitators, as well as with the accommodation, so it has been a great week.

Rafa Spain

This project was a great opportunity for me to develop more skills I’m not used to training like leadership or organizing as a team leader.

Because of this position I’ve pushed myself, even more, to be more active and involved and to take the initiative.

I’ve been very lucky for being in that position in a project like this and with people like the participants we had in this project.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience and without a doubt, I would repeat again with the same hosting organization and with a lot of people I’ve met here.

Alex Spain

It has been an incredible experience in which I have learned how to develop an Erasmus + project, which is great for the association I am creating with some friends in Spain.

The organisation of the project is very good as well as the place chosen to carry out the project. The activities, although sometimes long, have helped me a lot to move forward and get out of my comfort zone as well as to learn new things about the development of the Erasmus + programme.

The participants have all been on the same wavelength, which is great because we have been able to connect really well, understand each other and help each other. 

The time here has definitely been an investment for the future, we have made the most of every second learning skills and tools that are definitely useful.

Marta Bachorska

I had amazing opportunity to participate in Youth Exchange “Developing by Sharing – Implementing the Project in «Cyprus ( 21.10. 2021 – 30.10.2021) representing Backslash Spain. I met with youth workers from Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Italia and Spain. It  was very developing and interesting experience which gave me new perspective and help to understand the importance of creating the projects being interesting, well organised and structured. The topic of the exchange was increase awareness participants about how difficult is to create a good project, sticking to the required structure and being well implemented to the others. We had a possibility to create our own project about topic that is really problematic in our countries. We talked a lot about impact of the project, details about choosen topic and tools how to implement the main idea to the others. I think that building awarness and relationship between our european community to solve the problems that are actual in all our local communities. Also many workshops and work in mixed country groups inspired me and show me new methods to be creative and understanding how to organise project from the start to the end. As a team of young people we could understand how important is to be ambitious and how to develop not only us as a participants but also other youths from our country with the new abilities to use at work.

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