9 meses de voluntariado en un eco-centro en Tryavna, Bulgaria


Una asociación búlgara busca a un participante español para un servicio de voluntariado europeo en Tryavna, Bulgaria.

El proyecto tiene una duración de 9 meses, desde el 1 de abril de 2016 hasta el 1 de enero de 2017.

Las principales tareas del voluntario son las siguientes:

The main activities of the project can be divided into two groups – construction and working in the eco-center and participation in the activities of the association.
First group of activities planned:
1. First phase – preparatory work:
– Prepare an action plan: all participants will discuss the way they will act and prepare a plan “step by step” to frame the time set for construction of the center.
– Activities related to fundraising for the project: the task will be set to a few people who have more knowledge in this area and know how to use all possible ways to raise funds, such as Yatoo, crowdfunding, donors (companies and individuals) etc.
– Constant communication with those who are interested in the project – institutions, young people from the country and traveling nomads who wish to join the project and donate their labor.
2. The second phase – from words to actions:
– The construction and renovation of buildings: all participants will be involved in this activity. In the process, tasks will be divided accordingly – girls will be responsible for lighter activities such as painting, cleaning, organizing the permaculture garden and men – for heavy construction work.
3. Third phase – closing activities:
– After opening the eco-center, we will organize a meeting where all the “helpers” will receive letters of thanks from the Association. There will also be a press conference where we will tell the story of the whole project – information on Erasmus +, and in particular EVS, the steps we have taken during the work on the eco-center, etc. Everything will be accompanied by photos and videos, presentations and other funny stories that each of us would share.
– Organize meetings and trainings with youth from the city on various topics. Representatives from different countries will also have the chance to present their country, culture, history and traditions.
– Construction and maintenance of permaculture home garden.
– Preparation of plans of training and lessons to be conducted with young people from the city.
– Dissemination of information among schools in Bulgaria about the center and what it offers.
– Welcome and assist nomads and groups of students that have come to visit and use the center.

Para más información sobre cómo funcionan los proyectos de voluntariado europeo, consulta esta página.

Si te interesa saber más, envía un correo a stanimir.chukov@gmail.com con tu CV en inglés

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